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TDS Advertising ("TDS"), which belongs site before using the site, please read the terms of use. All visitors and members can use the website in any way be deemed to have agreed to comply with the conditions on this page. Please do not agree to use the site. Used in this text "User" means a member of the site in any way without entry or use by any natural or legal person represents.

- Terms and conditions contained in this page, provided that the changes clearly stated on this page TDS Advertising. at any time be replaced by a unilaterally. Users TDS Advertising. services currently used in any way, be deemed to have accepted unconditionally the conditions published on this page.

- All information contained in this site is the copyright belongs to advertising on the TDS and the scope of Literary and Artistic Works Law and legal protection under international law. Unauthorized downloading of Site content, recording, reproduction, processing and publication, and is forbidden to attempt to do so. TDS, which determined that such activities shall be entitled to take legal action against users.

- Users TDS'ın any content or communication system in any way violate the legal rights of third parties shall refrain from using. TDS Advertising. In respect to such violations and these violations do not accept any civil or criminal liability arising from any civil or criminal liability belongs exclusively to the user.

- TDS'ın term proposition, the term is to ask, term adjustments and add content such as forums and sent to the site using an interactive system assumes that you own the copyright. Are legally valid and do not violate the rights of third parties, unless these rights disappear on the way you like it kalkmamaktadır entitled to dispose of. However, by using this site, TDS'a that content compilation, processing, publishing and marketing rights for an indefinite period and grant non-exclusive basis.

- To come to the site cease to operate, slow down or substantially all kinds of software and hardware systems aimed at damaging behavior and action is prohibited. Be done using automated programs, or by automated means many queries or membership registration or information request sent to a large number of sites included in this rule. TDS, which determined that the activities of such users to block access to the site, and reserves the right to take legal action.

- Users of the site using the various services offered, public morality, and all applicable laws and regulations must comply with relevant international regulations. Your username will be sent to our site, including all information, all of our forums, write articles, all other users, send messages, and interactive systems have added to our site, or by using the proposed addition of all the terms, definitions, sample sentences and graphics, public morality and the laws and regulations They have to comply. Due to the information you submit to our site is contrary to public morality and law TDS Advertising. and disclaims any civil or criminal liability that may arise in this situation, the user will belong exclusively to any civil or criminal liability.

- TDS Advertising., Site users to provide uninterrupted service in a certain way, or does not undertake any way.

- TDS, is not against the law with the help of various technological tools, the site collect information about users and the information system are entitled to use advertising and content publishing system.

- For nine months the membership information of members are not automatically deleted from the site. TDS to announce this time, without notice, and only through this page has the right to extend or shorten any way.

- Advertising and promotional texts published on the site, except for the purpose of receiving information manually or automatically by a large number of hits is prohibited. TDS does not meet the normal behavior of a user clicks on these sites to block access to users and that identify activities that have the right to take legal action.

- TDS Advertising. given link, banner, or other means, promote the site through, the quality of products or services and is not responsible for the content.

- This page may arise regarding the terms of the use of all disputes and Istanbul, Turkish law is subject to the jurisdiction of courts and execution offices.